Friends, Allies and Neighbors

A FANs Network is a group of people who are committed to enhancing the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities.

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The Good Life

The ‘Good Life’ focuses on helping people live a good life using some fundamental tools based on compassion, appreciation and respect.

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Individual’s Rights and Responsibilities

Watch this inspiring video of some of our individuals discussing their rights and responsibilities

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What Do You Know About the Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities?

We went on a mission to find out what people know about us!  It’s our goal to make sure the community knows who we are and what we do.  If you ever have any questions about ACBDD, please ask!


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Remote Supports/Technology

Check out this video to see how remote supports and technology is improving lives!

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Direct Service Professionals

Direct Support Professionals work in the field of Developmental Disabilities, helping individuals live their best life. If you’re interested in becoming a DSP, give us a call at 419-221-1385.

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A community that recognizes the importance and potential of all people

The mission of the Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities is: Supporting people through strong partnerships and high quality services.

The Allen County Board of DD offers a full range of services, from in-home early intervention programs for young children and their families to service coordination for individuals who are elderly. Our staff connects individuals and their families to needed services, including preschool and school services, supported residential services, vocational training, community employment, and crisis intervention.