Disability Awareness: APPLE



Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities offers a FREE disability awareness program called A.P.P.L.E.

APPLE DisabilitiesWe can come to your school, community/service group, church or business and will custom design a presentation for your needs. Presentations are available for all age groups and can be 30 minutes or up to an all-day presentation. We use a variety of instructional materials including videos, dolls with disabilities, literature, and hands-on activities to simulate disabilities.

The Goals of the A.P.P.L.E Program

  • Teach the concept that people are more alike than they are different
  • Teach the concept that each person is unique and special
  • Provide information about different types of disabilities
  • Encourage people to ask questions about individual differences and disabilities
  • Encourage people to view disabilities as one individual difference
  • Encourage people to accept people with disabilities as individuals and include them in a variety of community settings including school, work, businesses, recreation and neighborhoods

Kids on the Block

kids on the blockWe offer fun, interactive and educational Kids on the Block puppet shows for elementary students for free. The Kids on the Block’s lively and upbeat scripts create an environment of open communication for the audience. Each performance includes scheduled question and answer periods during which audiences interact directly with the puppet characters. During this time myths and misconceptions are replaced with facts and sensitivity. Each puppet performance lasts from 40-60 minutes and is best performed for groups of 50-60 or less students. More than one performance may be scheduled for the same day.

The style of puppetry used by the Kids on the Block is based on Japanese Bunraku Puppet Theatre. As in Bunraku, audiences are able to see Kids on the Block puppeteers. The large and colorful puppets are “shadowed” by the puppeteers who are dressed in black. Each Kids on the Block program is thoroughly researched and field tested before it becomes available to school districts, community service organizations and special interest groups.

The Kids on the Block program is powerful in helping break down barriers, enabling children to be candid with their questions and concerns.

To Schedule a FREE A.P.P.L.E. or Kids on the Block Presentation, contact: