Individual Support Services

Individual Support Services (ISS) is the program that replaced the former Family Support Services (FSS). ISS is designed to be user friendly, flexible, and driven by individual needs. There is one ISS application process that will last for the duration of your services at Allen County Board of DD.

Services and supports provided by, or otherwise paid for by, the ISS program include but are not limited to:

– Services that are driven by the individual’s needs and related to a disability.

– Services that focus on the individual’s whole life, build upon existing relationships and natural supports, and respond to changing life circumstances.

– Services that are continually evaluated and improved upon to ensure quality.

– Services that connect individuals with their community.

– Services that encourage self-sufficiency, so all individuals can be contributing members of their community.

– Services that promote the best possible health and welfare for the individual.

– Services that promote family stability by strengthening and enhancing the families’ capacity to effectively respond to challenges of supporting a family member.

Individual Support Services uses local funding to meet some of the unique needs of individuals, from birth through their lifespan. To receive ISS assistance, an individual must be eligible for services and cannot be enrolled on a DD Medicaid Waiver (Level One, SELF or Individual), receiving legacy Supported Living, or residing in an ICF, Nursing Facility or similar program. If an individual has a Service Coordinator in Early Intervention or a Service and Support Associate (SSA), ISS services can be coordinated with this staff member. For all others, services are coordinated by the Individual Support Services Coordinator.

The Individual Support Services program has four tiers that are based on an individual’s age, and each tier has its own annual budget. ISS can help fund a wide range of services, such as respite, assistance for medical travel, adaptive equipment, therapies, and home modifications.

To apply for the Individual Support Services program, please talk to your Service Coordinator, SSA, or the ISS Coordinator.

For more information or to get an application for Individual Support Services, please contact Rebecca Maenle at 419-221-1385, ext. 2051 or at