Person Centered Planning

The Allen County Board of DD has joined more than 20 other counties in the State of Ohio in using the Imagine system designed by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.

We are one of the first counties to implement this system in Northwest Ohio. ImagineIS has been tested by several counties for nearly 3 years, and is fully compliant with the concept that every person deserves and is capable of achieving the life they want. SSA staff and providers in Allen County have been working on the development of the Imagine process since January of 2015.

Service And Support Case ManagementImagine is an individual planning system that encompasses the best practices of person centered service planning. Imagine was designed with some basic guiding principles for individuals: quality of life (what is ‘important to and for’ someone), language that is dignified and respectful, built on a culture of strengths and abilities and is a collaborative effort of all people connected to a person. Individuals and families deserve a service planning system that is consistent, efficient, simple to understand, welcoming and supportive.

The heartbeat of this system is that those working with it have had extensive training in person centered thinking and practices and will adhere to the principles and concepts of person centered practice.